Matías Seijas

b. 1988, Montevideo, Uruguay

Matías Seijas is a creative technologist, interaction designer, and visual artist based in Cambridge, MA. Heavily influenced by technology since birth, Matías delved into the world of computer programming and web design as a means of discovery and self-expression, yet soon became disillusioned by the inherent limitations of the medium. He then decided to explore other creative aspirations, which led him to pursue a liberal arts degree in French literature and photography, in both the United States and France, graduating with a BA in French Studies from Wesleyan University in 2013. After relocating to Brooklyn, Matías’ love for technology was rekindled when he became involved with a small technology startup as an interaction designer, and later a mobile developer and user experience designer for a variety of independent clients. His accomplishments in this area have been recognized with accolades, the most recent pertaining to his work with Tech Kids Unlimited on LOLA, which won the 2015 AT&T Connect Ability Challenge for innovative assistive technologies. A recent graduate of NYU’s MS program in Integrated Digital Media & Interaction Design, Matías continues to incorporate his previously disparate interests in digital and artistic expression, which continue to converge today into a vivid passion for exploring diverse ways in which to integrate art, human nature, and technology in creative and novel forms.

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Matias Seijas